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Creating a brand strategy for your business is about working out who your business is beyond the logo…

Who is your ideal customer? What are your brand’s values and beliefs?  What do you have to offer that’s unique?

A brand strategy will help you to think more strategically about who it is you’re trying to connect with and how you’re going to do that.

It’s very common for small business owners to skip the brand strategy stage prior to launch…simply because it all becomes a bit too overwhelming!

But it’s never too late to create one.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated.


I help small business owners who…

  • …are in the planning stages and need a brand strategy for their business.
  • …have an established business but are now ready to get serious about a brand strategy.

  • …are running an established business and want to strengthen or change their current brand strategy.


In 1:1 sessions I show small business owners the steps involved in creating a brand strategy following a structure specifically designed for small businesses.

We’ll look at what you already have in place – there’s often a lot of good stuff already there.

We’ll identify the areas that need more attention, strengthen what’s working and quite possibly take your business in a whole new direction – this happens more often that you’d expect!

I’ll help you discover what your business is about and how better to express it through brand.



2 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions which will cover…

Identifying and getting to know your ideal customer with simple market research methods and consumer profiling

A simple approach to assess your competitors which will show you what your strengths are and where there are gaps in the market

Identifying your unique selling proposition which is what sets you apart in the market

Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and your business and how to turn these insights into strategic opportunities

Delving into the “personality” of your business – finding depth beyond the logo

And more…


These 1:1 sessions will help you to…

  • …momentarily step out of “doing mode” to pause and consider who your business is beyond the logo. 

  • …think more strategically about your business when it comes to your target audience, your offering and how you express your brand.

  • …reduce the “random acts of marketing” you may be committing, saving you time, and money, and keeping you focused on your end goal

Between the two sessions you’ll be given the opportunity to independently work on some of the areas we cover giving you the chance to reflect on areas of your business at your own pace. 


Interested in taking your business to the next level?

Reach out today to book in your sessions or request pricing:

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Hi, I’m Emma, founder of Switch & Pivot.
I empower small business owners by helping them think more strategically about their business.
I help small business owners discover what their brand is about beyond the logo and how to better express it to their ideal customer.
I believe in a realistic and simplified approach to small business marketing using marketing practices that are achievable for the small business owner.


Emma has the ability to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business. She found accessible and innovative ways to work on our weaknesses while highlighting our strengths. Emma identified the gaps in our business and made it within reach to fill the gaps in a way that doesn’t stretch us.

She offers a wealth of experience and skills that would not normally be accessible to a small business.

Bindi – CEO, The Trading Circle

Emma brings an indomitable and infectious enthusiasm and energy to her work.  Coupled with an acute insight of marketing opportunities, her services are a breath of fresh air and excitement!

Alex – Gondwana Telescopes

Emma has been a great help in developing a marketing and rebranding approach for our business. Emma can be quite unlike other marketing professionals. She has a great capacity to sit back & really listen. When she does offer her input, she’s tuned in to your needs and what you and your business are really about – she ‘gets it’.

Her approach is to look at genuinely connecting your service with the right people. Emma is innovative and honest, direct and positive and I would certainly recommend her highly to any business.

Susie – Earthbeats Music

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