Life Changes and Adaptability in Small Business

switchandpivot | February 16th, 2020 | Mindset

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Lately I’ve been feeling the pull to create more structure in my business, and with recent changes to my daily schedule, I’ve had to rethink my current business model.

The hours I’ve been able to commit to my business up until now have been part-time. It’s definitely been a challenge but I originally left my corporate role not only to start my own business but so I could spend more time with my two little ones under 5.

With my eldest having just started school at the end of January, leading up to it I was pretty apprehensive about how the school hours would further shorten my days. I was worried about the impact it may have on what I was able to achieve in my business. 

Despite my concerns about the reduced hours, once the school year commenced I unexpectedly began to realise that from past experience the more hours I had available to commit to my business didn’t necessarily result in me being more productive and getting more done. If anything, it was the opposite. 

At the time I left my corporate role to commit to launching my business I thought it was a luxury having no other employment to commit to and luckily (for a while but not for long) our family was able to rely mostly on one income and with the help of additional savings we had. But I soon saw that the extra time and financial stability weren’t luxuries. It may work for some but it didn’t work for me.

I found the more time and more financial stability I had, the less I got done.

The recent change to my schedule has been a blessing in disguise. When my daughter started school my mindset and methods of working changed in ways I hadn’t expected. I found having less hours in my day put me under pressure to increase my focus for the limited hours I did have available. There was less time to commit to the tasks that didn’t really matter – they were suddenly struck off the to-do list.

And there were other unexpected advantages. I enjoy my days much more. The change to a new routine was a relief – the old schedule was becoming monotonous. As a result of their new schedules I also had more alone-time with each of my kids – something I’m finding they need more lately. My brief walks to and from school for drop-offs and pick-ups mean valuable and engaged time with my eldest.

Above all, this experience has reminded me how adaptable we are as small business owners – a skill we don’t necessarily need as much in a more structured 9-5 role when working for someone else.

The value of the skills we learn as small business owners can’t be underestimated. Having to adjust to new circumstances and work with the hours I have available has made me more productive. As a result of these recent changes, I’m pivoting. I’m now re-working my current business model to adapt to my new situation – one that incorporates passive income streams and online evergreen products.

What kind of hours and days are you able to commit to running your small business and is that arrangement working for you?

Do you adapt your business model to suit changing life circumstances?

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