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switchandpivot | April 9th, 2020 | Ideal Customer

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Have you stopped promoting your product or service in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak?

Are you doubting the impact any promotion will have during this time? 

Regardless of how the current situation is affecting you there’s a high chance you’re more exhausted than usual, you’re dealing with information overload and adjusting to a different way of life.

First and foremost this is a time to be easy on yourself. Give yourself time to adjust and focus on what’s important.

But tell me…have you stopped telling people about your product or service?

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider keeping the momentum going…

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The situation is different for every business owner. Some have had to either halt trading or sadly close up shop altogether. Some have pivoted and are hoping to get through the storm by changing their offering or moving it to online channels.

Some will have experienced a significant drop in sales and the lucky ones an increase in demand – all depending on what a business has to offer.

If you’re in a situation where you can no longer deliver your offering for the time being the insights below will still help. Remember, talking about your offering and engaging with your audience despite not being able to sell for now is still important!

And you never know, with time to pause and reflect you might find an alternative way to get something of value to your audience…

1. First, ensure you’re not making assumptions

that your product or service won’t sell

Yes the economic environment has shifted significantly but people’s lifestyles have also seen significant changes, even if temporarily, and this means their wants and needs have changed too.

How much thought have you given to how people’s needs and wants may have changed?

In a time of an economic downturn for many what were previously “needs” can suddenly be categorised as “luxuries” in the minds of the consumer – and vice versa. The first scenario is quite obvious. During hard economic times people cut back on the luxuries.  But have you considered what items may now be considered a “need”?

What “nice-to-haves” could now bring people joy in the confined space of their homes? What brings comfort, calm or fun? An online dance lesson, a guided meditation or gifts that people can send onto loved ones they can’t see may suddenly move into the “needs” category for many.

Ask yourself, “what value does my product or service offer people right now considering their situation and mindset?”.

2. Consider who your ideal customer is

If you haven’t created an ideal customer persona and you don’t know them inside-out you’ll need to do this first. Creating a customer persona involves creating a character that represents your ideal customer. Give them a name, personality traits, think about their lifestyle and work out their needs and wants.

Once you’ve got your ideal customer in mind (and remember you can target more than one) ask yourself…

“Have my customer’s needs and wants changed?”

“What are their needs and what do they consider luxuries?”

Another really good thing to consider at this time is whether there are opportunities for you to target new customer groups. Go back to the customer mindset, think about their needs and wants and whether you have something to offer a customer segment you haven’t previously considered.

3. Your messaging around the benefits of what you offer

needs to be communicated better than ever

Activity and noise on online channels has increased significantly. Many businesses, for example retail and cafes, that normally communicate with customers in-person as well as offline are now purely online.

Social-distancing and isolation has increased social media activity. There is more noise online as people increase their online interaction with friends and family.

The government updates on the situation has also increased the information that people are taking in. On top of that, the endless debate that comes off the back of the government’s actions is adding to the noise.

All of this extra noise makes it harder to get your audience’s attention.

Anything you do say to your audience needs to be to-the-point and informative about your offering or provide value in some way – and it doesn’t have to be practical value (although that helps) – it could be through humour or by sparking joy.

So keep showing up and connecting with your audience.

Connection is what people need right now and people emotionally connect with brands like they connect with people.

And it’s highly likely your audience still wants to hear from you!

Lastly, keep in mind that what you do share now – whether you’re selling or not – will have an impact on people’s perception of your brand as this will impact your business – positively or negatively – once we come out on the other side.

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